Demilitarizing Drones – Information Graphics



Demilitarizing Drones – Information Graphics

Capturing aerial footage with remote piloted aircraft is my passion. The subject of drones has made its way into the media through propaganda, mis-information and playing on public fears. Below is a photo of my first generation aircraft, the DJI F550 Hex. Built from a diverse arrangement of components from all over the world,  I have flown this aircraft for hundreds of hours including long range FPV (First Person View) flights. The bottom line is that this tool is exceptionally viable and safe in well trained hands. And, this flying camera has been places I never imagined possible.



Because of the negative backlash that drones have in the media, I first create a poster depicting how much money the government spends on drone technology for military use.  In contrast, this information graphic shows a chart in relation to money spent on the growing transition towards commercial use.droneposter2

I designed this information magazine spread to bring light to California’s economic private sectors and how they will benefit from the commercial drone industry.


Drone Culture is a magazine spread created by taking Pew Poll data that relates to how the world perceives the use of drone strikes and the opposition to their use. In more illustrative terms, my argument confronts the idea that these opinions reflect U.S. policy rather than the fact that that there are no pilots aboard such aircraft.



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